Welcome to my english page! My name is Janika and I am a German expat mum, living in the US. We moved to New Jersey 2019 and found a wonderful new home. We always loved to explore the world and to go on expeditions – but moving abroad is different! Especially with little ones.

Leaving familiar everyday routines and surroundings is not easy for most children. When moving abroad, there could be a foreign language to learn, a new culture to adapt to, as well as getting used to the distance from their loved ones and friends. Since I could not find a suitable book to prepare our kids for our big adventure, I wrote „Emma moves to America„.

The story of preschool kid Emma helps parents to prepare their children for the adventure of moving abroad and to give them a sense of security during this big change.

Emma takes her little readers step by step with her move from the UK to America. At the same time, she gets more and more excited about her new homeland.


About the book

Emma is so excited. Dad has a new job. Not in their home country, but in America. Because America is far away, Emma and her family are going to move there. What an adventure!

But before they leave for America, there still is a lot to do. Emma asks Mum and Dad many questions and is also worrying a bit about the upcoming changes. Will Emma like America? Will she make new friends? And what will her new preschool look like?

Join Emma and her family as they move to America and find out what Emma is particularly looking forward to

Recommended for children aged 2 years and older.

„Emma moves to America“ online:

ISBN 978-1-80049-690-3 (paperback)
ISBN 978-1-80049-691-0 (ebook)


„My children and I love this book and its characters. It is easy to follow for preschool kids and gives a very realistic preview of a move to the US. The illustrations are awesome as well! …“

Expat Mum Carolin

About the Author

Janika dared to venture abroad with her husband and their two children in early 2019 by moving to New Jersey, USA. Since she could not find a suitable book to prepare her kids for their big trip, she wrote the book herself.

Janika uses her talent to put herself in the shoes of little readers, to understand their world, and to make it a bit more colorful. In addition to reading stories to her kids, to painting, and to doing crafts, Janika loves to explore the world with her family and to go on expeditions – as she’s doing currently in faraway America.

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